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Since 2008, Bohemia and the surrounding areas have had access to excellent auto maintenance services from Nico’s Way Automotive. We are a family-run company that offers reliable and trustworthy auto repair and maintenance services.

We use the most recent automotive technologies available today and are prepared to meet all of your automobile needs.

In a radically changing world there is something to be said for keeping things simple. At Nico’s Way Automotive “Simple” simply means Integrity, Quality Care, and Fair Straight Forward Service.

When the Techs of Nico’s Way Automotive were asked, why they show up every day or why not do something else, initially there were some shrugs and laughs; an unspoken language that was notably universal among them.

But then quickly, their sentiments unfolded are best summed up with this,

“There is an Enjoyable Satisfaction that comes with both problem-solving and succeeding, A lot of different jobs and cars come through this shop, everyday is something new to learn or a new challenge to fix. The industry has a vast history and a constantly evolving future. “
Our employees

Nico's Way Automotive: Your Trusted Bohemia, NY Auto Shop

At Nico's Way Automotive, we are the trusted auto shop in Bohemia, NY, offering a range of reliable services:


Customer satisfaction is our first priority at Nico's Way Automotive. We work diligently every day to deliver premium maintenance services and repairs. client support. We take great pride in having earned a reputation as one of Bohemia’s most reliable auto repair shops thanks to innumerable loyal customers.
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